Guerbet Group, as a global, research driven pharmaceutical company, discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of contrast media agents directly and through joint ventures.

Over 11% of Guerbet's annual revenue is dedicated to Research and Development. In addition to the company's internal research team, Guerbet has built an international network of external partnerships, reinforcing the Group's research capacity by allying complementary skills. Current research efforts are aimed at further advancements in the two main fields of imaging, X-ray and MR.

Interested potential collaborators should submit a written non-confidential scientific summary of the opportunity with sufficient data to permit a preliminary scientific review. Each proposal will be reviewed to determine whether the opportunity fits with Guerbet's defined areas of strategic focus. After the opportunity has been reviewed, Guerbet will respond to the potential collaborator, indicating Guerbet's level of interest.

Guerbet also welcomes other partnership opportunities, which would mutually enhance offerings to the medical and public community.

Please address all your inquiries or questions to Medical Affairs via the following:


Phone: 877-729-6679
Fax: 812-333-0084

Mail: Guerbet LLC
821 Alexander Road, Suite 204
Princeton, NJ 08540