Guerbet announces appointment of Thomas McLaughlin as Vice President of North America

26.02.2020 19:28

Princeton,  N.J.,  January  8,  2020–  Guerbet,  a  global  specialist  in contrast  agents  and solutions  for  medical  imaging,  announced  today  that  Thomas  McLaughlin  has  been appointed  Vice President,  North America.  In this  role,  McLaughlin  will  oversee  and  ensure the  growth of  Guerbet  diagnostic  and  interventional  solutions  together  with  the  digital  and AI portfolio.

“I’m  thrilled to build on  Guerbet’s  successful  growth in North  America over  the last  several years  to help  us  solidify  leadership and  trust  with our  radiology  partners  and  the  patients  they treat,”  stated  McLaughlin.

McLaughlin  takes  on the  Vice  President  role  after  serving  as Guerbet’s  General  Manager  of  North American  Sales  and Service,  where he led  the  company’s  North American  sales group  to consecutive year-over-year  growth.  Prior  to joining Guerbet,  McLaughlin  held  various  Sales  Leadership and VP roles  both  inside and  outside the industry,  including  roles  at Nemoto  International  and E-Z-EM.

“We are  delighted  that  Tom  McLaughlin will  lead  Guerbet’s North America  Executive  team,”  said  David Hale,  Guerbet Chief  Executive Officer.  “From  the  successful  launch of Dotarem®  (gadoterate  meglumine)  in North  America seven years  ago,  to  the launch of  our interventional  imaging business  and  most  recently  our  entry  into  the digital  solutions  space, Tom  has  the  experience,  knowledge,  leadership,  and client  expertise  to  take  us  into  the new decade,  increasing  Guerbet’s  visibility  and growth as  a  leading player  in medical  imaging worldwide.”

McLaughlin  holds  a  Radiologic  Technologist  degree from  Temple  University,  an Associate  in Science  from  Widener  University,  and  both  a Bachelor  of  Science  in business  and  a Master of  Business  Administration  from  California  Coast  University.   

Guerbet  is  a pioneer  in the  contrast-agent  field,  with more than 90  years'  experience,  and  is  a  leader  in medical  imaging  worldwide.  It  offers  a comprehensive range  of  pharmaceutical  products,  medical devices  and services  for  diagnostic  and interventional  imaging,  to improve  the  diagnosis  and treatment of  patients.  With 8%  of  revenue  dedicated to  R&D  and  more than 200  employees  distributed amongst its  four  centers  in France,  Israel  and the United  States,  Guerbet  is  a substantial  investor  in research and  innovation.  Guerbet  (GBT)  is  listed  on  Euronext  Paris  (segment  B  –  mid caps)  and generated €790  million  in revenue  in  2018.  For  more information  about  Guerbet,  please  visit