Contrast Media

Helping establish a more accurate diagnosis means better patient management. It is to this ultimate goal that we devote all our efforts.

Our mission is Contrast for Life. Building on a long history in imaging, Guerbet is committed to continuing innovation and investment in contrast media, producing quality products including:

  • The first iodinated contrast agent used in the world
  • A gadolinium-based MRI contrast agent for intravenous use that is trusted for high thermodynamic and kinetic stability1,2
  • A high hydrophilic, low osmolar, non-ionic, monomeric X-ray contrast medium designed to help optimize image quality
  • A diatrizoate meglumine and diatrizoate sodium solution clinicians have relied on for more than 35 years

Our products are designed to help optimize both the future of contrast media and delivery systems, and the process within radiology. They are offered in a range of formats and sizes, including prefilled syringes, glass vials and pharmacy bulk packages.

For customer service and support, please contact us at or 877-729-6679.


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